Pembahasan Soal Ulangan Semester Ganjil

Hasil gambar untuk ulangan bahasa inggris smk

1. Andi's hobby is collecting stamp. The art of collecting stamps is . . .
a. philately
b. calligraphy
c. origami
d. paleontology
e. astronomy

2. Mr. Bery: Excuse me, how do you spend your . . .
a. break time
b. life time
c. spare time
d. days
e. money

3. Mr. Jery: I'm sorry. It's little bit personal. What is your . . .
a. hobby
b. job
c. profession
d. occupation
e. name

4. . . . poem is not as easy as we imagine.
a. writing
b. writes
c. to write
d. write
e. wrote

5. Are you interest in . . . new job?
a. trying
b. try
c. to try
d. tried
e. tries

6. One of the secretary job is . . . the guests.
a. handling
b. receiving
c. meeting
d. accepting
c. seeing

7. Daut: Why don't you switch on the light so that you can read your newspaper clearly?
    Adam: Don't worry. It's . . . for me to read
a. bright enough
b. too bright
c. bright too
d. too and enough bright
e. enough bright
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