Pembahasan Soal B.Inggris Chapter 8: My Idol (Page 114-115) Kelas 10

Pembahasan Soal B.Inggris Chapter 8: My Idol (Page 114-115) Kelas 10
Kemarin kita sudah membahas halaman 113, sekarang kita akan bahas soal di buku bahasa Inggris siswa kelas 10 halaman 114 sampai 115. Seperti biasa saya juga akan memberikan terjemahan dari soal dan jawabannya di dalam kotak warna abu-abu.

Very often you need to tell other people about something that has happened in your life. You may have to tell about what you did yesterday. Speaking or writing about past event is called a recount. Recounts are told orientation, a series of events, and reorientation.
Tak jarang Anda perlu memberi tahu orang lain tentang sesuatu yang telah terjadi dalam hidup Anda. Anda mungkin harus memberi tahu tentang apa yang Anda lakukan kemarin. Berbicara atau menulis tentang peristiwa masa lalu disebut "a recount". Recounts terdiri dari orientasi, serangkaian kejadian, dan reorientasi.
NOTE: Recount text adalah jenis teks yang di dalamnya menceritakan tentang pengalaman pribadi dimasa lampau.

Task 1:
Answer the questions below about the text on page 96.
Tugas 1:Jawablah pertanyaan di bawah ini tentang teks yang terdapat pada halaman 96

1. Who were involved in the event?
1. Siapa yang terlibat dalam acara tersebut?
Answer:  The writer, Afgan, Fans.
Penulis, Afgan, Penggemar

2. When and where did the event happen?
2. Kapan dan di mana acara itu terjadi?
Answer:  In the past when there was a concert; in a local auditorium in the town.
Di masa lalu ketika ada konser; di auditorium lokal di kota.

3. How were the events in the text arranged?
3. Bagaimana acara dalam teks diatur?
Answer:  Based on the order the events happened
Berdasarkan urutan kejadian itu terjadi

4. Write the sequence of the events in the text!
4. Tulis urutan kejadian dalam teks!
 Answer: Cek tabel di taks 2 di bawah

5. Was there any conclusion/evaluation of the story?
5. Apakah ada kesimpulan / evaluasi cerita?
Answer: Yes, there was.

Task 2:
Individually, complete the following chart to find out the structure of the recount text on page 96.
Tugas 2: Secara individual, lengkapi bagan berikut untuk mengetahui struktur teks recount di halaman 96.

Parts of a recount text Purposes Summary from text
Introductory paragraph Gives the reader information about who was involved, what happened, where it happened and when it occurred. Afgan has always been my favourite singer. I have always been thinking of how I would feel when I met him. Then I was suddenly hit by lightning when I found out Afgan was coming to town for a concert in a local auditorium. A day before the concert, there would be a meetand-greet event at a local radio station. Feeling excited, I packed all my Afgan’s CDs to get his signature at the event.
A sequence of events A series of paragraphs that retell the events in chronological order. You should start a new paragraph for each event or aspect of the event. On that bright and sunny Saturday morning, the radio station was full of Afganisme (that’s how Afgan’s fans are called). They sat on the chairs prepared inside the radio station’s lobby. Some stood in rows in the front yard of the radio station. A spot inside a lobby was prepared with a mini stage for Afgan’s singing performance and a table for Afgan to sign Afganisme’s memorabilia. Finally, after about 40 or 50 minutes wait, Afgan showed up from inside the radio station. He smiled and waved to all Afganisme who had been waiting excitedly saying, “Good morning. How are you all?”. The crowd went crazy, the shouts sounded like a mix of “Fine, thank you” and screams of Afgan’s name. Then, he started the event by singing his hit single “Dia dia dia”. Afganisme went even crazier, they sang along with him throughout the song. Of course, I did too. I couldn’t take my eyes off this amazing singer who had released three albums. When he finished with the song, the host announced that it was time for autographing the memorabilia. I prepared my CDs and began to stand in the line. When I arrived at the table, I was speechless. It was unreal just seeing him that close. I thought it was really cool seeing him like that because he really just felt like a normal person, which was awesome. He asked my name so that he could write it on the CD to say “To Mia, Love Afgan”. He was also very friendly, so I didn’t feel too nervous when I had a chance to take pictures with him.
A conclusion (if any) Gives your personal comment about the events that you have retold. He was just an amazing person. And it was the best day ever!

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