Cara Ubah Direct Speech Menjadi Reported Speech

Direct Speech
  1. Barbara told Amanda, “I went to Jakarta with my family last week.”
  2. The teacher said, “The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.”
  3. David asked Freddy, “Will you come to Amanda’s birthday party next Sunday?”
  4. My mother asked me, “Why did you come home early from school yesterday?”
  5. My father told my little brother, “Don’t forget to tidy your room before you go to school.”
  6. Amin said, “I am father of reformation”
  7. ”I’ll meet you after this class”
  8. She said “What is my occupation?” 

Reported Speech
  1. Barbara told Amanda that he had gone to Jakarta with her family the previous week.
  2. The teacher said that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
  3. David asked Freddy if he would come to Amanda's birthday party the following Sunday.
  4. My mother asked me why I had come home early from school the day before?
  5. My father advised my little brother to tidy his room before he goes to school.
  6. Amin said that he was father of reformation.
  7. Someone said that he/she would met me after that class.
  8. She asked me what her occupation was?

  1. Pada nomor satu reported speech menggunakan PAST PERFECT karena kalimat langsung nya menggunakan SIMPLE PAST. Kata "she" merujuk kepada "Barbara".
  2. Pada nomor 2 reported speech tidak ada perubahan karena kalimat langsung nya merupakan suatu general truth (kebenaran umum).
  3. Pada nomor 3 menggunakan "If" karena pada kalimat langsung bentuk interrogative nya di awali dengan auxiliry verb "will". Karena kalimat langsung bentuk present future, maka reported-nya bentuk past future.
  4. Pada nomor 4 karena menggunakan wh-question "why" maka "why" tidak dihilangkan, dan karena interrogative nya bentuk past tense, maka reported-nya bentuk past perfect.
  5. Pada nomor 5 karena kalimatnya bentuk mengingatkan "don't forget", maka di reported-nya menggunakan Advised.
  6. Pada nomor 6 karena kalimat nya bentuk present "Am", maka reported nya bentuk past "was".
  7. Pada nomor 7 karena kalimat nya bentuk Present future "I'll meet". Maka reported-nya menggunakan "past future".
  8. Pada nomor 8 karena kalimatnya menggunakan wh-question + to be "present tense", maka reported-nya wh-question tidak dihilangkan dan to be berubah menjadi bentuk "past tense".
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