Kunci Jawaban Chapter 6 Task 2 Hal 90-91 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10

Kunci Jawaban Chapter 6 Task 2 Hal 90-91 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10
Saifullah.id - Pada Halaman 90-91 di buku Bahasa Inggris SMA / SMK / MA / MAK kelas X (sepuluh) Chapter 6 Kurikulum 2013 Edisi Revisi 2017 terdapat Grammar Review Task 2. Soal ini untuk menguji pemahaman kita tentang Forming Nouns from Verbs (Membentuk kata Benda dari kata Kerja)


Untuk mengubah Verb (kata kerja) jadi Noun (kata benda), ada hal yang harus diperhatikan
  1. Biasanya Verb akan di tambah suffix (akhiran) -ion atau -sion
    register > registration
    decide > decision

  2. Biasanya verb dengan akhiran huruf  "y" akan diubah menjadi huruf "i" dan mendapat tambahan akhiran -al
    bury > burial
    try > trial


Task 2:
Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in italics.
Tugas 2: Lengkapi kalimat dengan bentuk kata kerja yang benar dengan huruf miring.

1. They are going to reserve a room in a local hotel. The reservation can be done through email.

2. The artiste agency has to decide on the concert cancellation. The agency’s decision has to be respected.

3. Dany was permitted by his father to try a new car. The trial period lasted for a week.

4. The internet connects people around the world easily. This school has a very excellent internet connection.

5. The beginning part of a story orients readers with the setting. The quality of this orientation usually determines whether readers would continue reading or not.

6. Joe wanted to bury the dead body of his pet Bonnie at the backyard. He hoped that this burial would bring good memories.

7. The students are planning to organize a trip to the beach. The organization is supervised by the vice headmaster for student affairs.

8. Riza hopes that his supervisor would approve his proposal. The approval, however, is subject to the revision he is doing at the moment.

9. The teacher will divide the class into two. The division is based on the attendance list.

10. The students are being trained to communicate effectively in public. Public communication is one of essential skills in this global era.

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